"In Remembrance"

August 26, 2015

John 6:51-58

(A few notes about my sermons and formatting. I try to write my sermons the way I talk, and I use capital letters or bold type to indicate to myself where to emphasize a word. I use italics for Scripture and underlining for book titles and versions of the Bible. I mostly use the Common English Bible, The Message, and the King James Version.‚Äč I also use a lot of references and quotes, and try to attribute everything I have "borrowed," either in the text or as a footnote.

I use 14-point Times New Roman type, double-spaced, when I write my sermons (so I can see them in the pulpit), but am using 18-point type for Web purposes. For reading purposes, I try to end pages with a paragraph. That makes some pages shorter than others -- and sometimes the wording is broken in what would otherwise be a better flowing, but longer paragraph. I do that for reading in the pulpit and have carried it over to the website version. Hint: The last word of a sermon is usually "Amen," so if you come to the end of a page and haven't seen "Amen," keep going.

As pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, I preach most Sundays throughout the year. I preach from the Lectionary and usually focus on the Gospel lesson. Because words and transitions are important to me -- and because I tend to ramble when left to my own devices -- I generally preach from a manuscript. I'll be posting my sermons here. See last week's sermon below and previous sermons here.